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Interview: Tom Brien Creator Of No Time To Explain

I had a chance to Skype with Tom Brien ,co-owner tinybuildgames, and animator,creator and programmer of “No Time To Explain”.  A free to play puzzle platformer that gathered almost a million downloads on, and possibly millions web-wide. When the decision to create a more robust game came about the duo looked to kickstarter for a meager 7 grand to keep them focused on the task. Their fans responded by almost quadrupling the end goal, giving the team the time, and confidence to shoot for higher than just a PC release. With Steam aimed in their sights, No time to Explain was voted into steam’s green-light program, and they hit another milestone.  So whats next? XBLA? PSN? I try to wrangle that information out of Tom who’s brain obviously works on more than 3 dimensions. Grab some coffee as we discuss everything from storytelling in video games, to finding business partners in private messages.


Click the image below to catch the full Interview on SuperPolyPixel


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