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A lIttle More Info On MindChamber (Story)

Ok, I dont think I’ve ever posted a simple outline, or teaser on what mindchamber is actually about. Most know the name as my username, others know it involves some steampunk looking robot.   A lot of people really dont have any idea, overall what the story is about.  So since I’m taking a break here from drawing I figured I throw down a quick synopsis. Without spoiling the story of course.


Ok, MindChamber is the fictional story of  an autonomous robot that was secretly created in the late 1800’s by the (at the time) world famous Nikola Tesla. It was his answer of the machine to end all wars. After a series of unfortunate events from installing the robot’s main weapon, and the explosion of Tesla’s Lab in manhattan. Telsa  quickly covers up the event, and hides the robot. Years have passed with the robot  hidden,moved from place to place by loyal followers of  Tesla’s work.  Until a catastrophic event, in 1986 causes the robot to reactivate. The MindChamber robot then heads back to New York in search of Tesla, and clues to what has happened over the years he was in statsis. Being Self aware the robot keeps out of sight, moving only at night and through the alleyways of New York.   Searching for a labratory that no longer exsists., MC finds a postcard that activates a series of images.  Its a postcord of Niagra falls.  It is now his next destination.   While waiting for nightfall within the ruins of  the South Bronx. MC comes across a boy.

Joey is a 10 year old austic child with many mechnical talents.  The two form a bond, and Joey helps  mindchamber on his journey north.


Ok thats all I am going to say storywise, but will say this.  I definitely want this story out of me, and Im tired of just sitting back and letting the story stagnate, staying only in my mind, and personal papers, deeming it not good enough.  the story is fucking great, and I’m ready to tell it.


At the moment the story consists of a treatment that outlines the events  within the 90 minute story. While the cause and effect resulting in the presence of the robot is rather complex I plan to keep the story very focused on Joeys point of view of the story.


Further plans to reveal elements the robots presence, his tech, and his relation to Tesla will be fleshed out in comic book form.

Stay tuned!



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