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Project Nexus 2 Kickstarter Project

My good friends Swain and Krinkles have decided to take their skills to the next level by creating a fully realized 3D game in the unity engine for their next Project “Project Nexus 2” The orginal Project Nexus game was a feat in adobe flash programming. Its only natural they decided to think bigger and break out of the confines of that restrictive program. However, to develop a fully commercial game requires intense time and dedication, and thats where this kickstarter comes in.
Help these guys out so they can get this game out not only to the decade strong Madness fans, but to the broader gaming audience!.

I wish these guys the best, I plan to help them any way I can. I fell in love with the Madness franchise back when it was first introduced in 2002, and was lucky enough to have created some memorable games for its fans over the years. It would be a great delight and swell of Pride to see it get the full recognition its always deserved.

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