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Red Baron

Red Baron Brawler– please allow to load!

The Flash plugin is required to view this object.

Based off of the Red Baron created by my friends and I “The Carimando Bros” originally for a Shockwave RPG game called “Deim Requiem”. Red Baron now stars in his own action beat-em-up game facing against enemies created by the Sprite winners of the “Animation Idol” contest , that was held on Mindchamber some time ago. The Programmer is none other than the newstart prodigy “FrostedMuffins” of newgrounds fame.
there are over 14 unique characters many frame by frame, which is why the game is so large.

GamesDayPodcast mentioned Redbaron during thier 74th podcast about online gaming.

Red Baron was orginally created by Friends of mine in school. He was a character in an RPG shockwave game called “Diem Requiem” Created by George and John Carimando. (Lol Georgi… Just remembered his mom calling him that just now, and I couldnt stop giving him a hardtime about it..)  Anyways, John was taking computer science and his thesis project was going to be a small simple RPG made in macromedia shockwave.  (Flash hadn’t really caught on as the definitive vectorbased  game making software)  We had no tablets at the time, so the art was drawn on paper, animated using a lightbox, then scanned in. From there, it was cleaned up in streamline, then colored in Adobe illustrator.  Man it was a chore,but it was fun. The Carimando bros where good guys, and they were really cool to hang around with.   Diem Requiem was my first taste at making a video game, and my first experience working on a project with a a small team.

Fast Foward 6 years to 2005, and I  was in one of my self reflective, yet lazy moods,  and began feeling nostalgic. So  I started rummaging through old CD data disks and other assorted files, when I came upon the disk with called “Diem Requiem”  I fired it up and smiled as all the memories came rushing back. Of course the game was beyond unplayable.  The frame rate was running over 100 frames a second back then because  our computers at the time just couldn’t play it at regular speed. So of course now, everyones flying around and you can barely see whats going on.  After Looking through all the illustrator  files, I couldn’t help but feel like all these animations  would simply rest on this disk never to be seen again by anyone besides the ones who created the game. So I contacted the guys, Told them I wanted to do some kind of flash game with the existing art, and if they were cool with it, which they were. and the rest is kinda history.

But to make things a bit more interesting I decided to have a sprite contest over at my old site. One where anyone could submit unused sprites, (or make fresh ones for the contest).  towards the end of the contest, PsychoGoldfish created a neat page where we could judge and critque each submission. The contest later became “Animation Idol”  and as we judged the contest we spoofed the Simon and the other judges from the original show. It was alot of fun.

Making this game introduced me to two of the best and kindest guys I know.  Evan (Frostedmuffins) and Jak (jakbaronking).  Frosted Coded the game, what he brought to the table was alot of heart and enough enthusiasm for a whole team. Every suggestion I threw his way he simply crunched and converted to code.  Red baron was easily one of my biggest  flash games  of the time, and really ambicious.  None of that could have been possible without Evan.

Next up was Jak.  He originally contacted me when he broke the all time high survival score in Red Baron.  I was giving highscore users a little banner above the scoreboard with their names in lights , so to speak, and he wanted to make sure I knew he just topped it.  After that we would talk on line about ideas for the next possible baron game and later simply about life in general. When I had stopped updating my site he came around to newgrounds. His fevor for the Red Baron game was still, after all these years, unwavering and he wanted the next generation of Newgrounds users to know about this game. So First he started with a walkthrough , Then  helped produce afan animation of Baron . After which,  as artist began coming to the site,  he would commission them to do red baron related works!  To say the least I was definitely flattered and humbled.  All around hes just a great guy. Even though hes a fraction of my age, he is  simply wise beyond his years.  Now comes on newgrounds and spreads his advice and goodwill to all who are are willing to listen.. He will definitely be helping me with Dark Baron (Red Baron 2)  when the time comes.

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Comments (6)

  1. I can’t wait till Red Baron 2 comes out.

    Thanks for the shout-out MC.

  2. Flow69

    were’s the red baron music? n ya making RB 2?

    • mindchamber

      sadly its down for now, Ive moved to another server, so alot of stuff is in limbo, I might not upload it again though since it basically had a lot of copyrighted samples.

      RB2 will have an original soundtrack

  3. Flow69

    ohk n cant wait for the game, but cant u make it possible not have it copyrighted?

  4. Flow69

    any news on red baron?

  5. Flow69

    ik your busy but is the other guy working on the second game?

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