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Madness Accelerant

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“Thirty days to bring this together and it still comes down to the wire on Madness Day. We’ve poured everything we got into this game so hopefully you enjoy it and it runs ok on your computer! If it runs slow, Q toggles the quality. This game is a shot-by-shot playable remake of Krinkel’s Madness Consternation! We took a few liberties but overall tried to match the progression pretty closely. Enjoy!!! Also note the fun fan-art gallery, showcasing stuff from the Art Portal! HAPPY MADNESS DAY 2009!”~Tom Fulp

Madness Accellerant Was featured in an article in UK PC Magazine! It came in 50 as 50 best games to play at work!

Even though alot of the sprite work was  already done from Newgrounds Rumble, alot of tweaks were made to them. Also alot of new weapons, art and designs were created. We worked pretty much non stop for those 30 or so days it took to complete it. So its definitely a great feeling to get recognized for it.

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