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M-Bot: The game

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Read our review for M-Bot On Jay is Games Here

Help Mbot handle his business .
P= pauses. M= Mutes musicR= restarts levelQ= Toggles Quality
The OmegaBlast on the final boss does more damage now.
Fill up your combo meter on the lower right to add more firepower.Keep the enemies from hitting the ground to keep the combo going.
When you have upgraded 4 Times your combo meter will start to spark up… look for the \\\”Press Z\\\” Icon to upgrade into K9 modeand become invincible for a short time.
Its a small game but uses almost 100% rastered art, hence the filesize. wont happen again I promise!Leaderboards will be coming very soon.
BigThanks to BeAtBrEaKeR187 for all the crazy music, and EliteFerrex for the 8Bit Loop
I also recommend using joy2key and a controller if you use the keyboard option

COL-LAB   Boss

2D Mockup Vs the  3D model

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