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Da Pink Knight

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The Boss is made with many layered symbols,and game lags on slower computers. \\\\\\\"MiniGame\\\\\\\" Frosted and I whipped up for PicoDay. Some Tips: * DOUBLE TAP LEFT OR RIGHT TO RUN. YOU CAN RUN! *DONT fight in the corners, he will bounce you off the wall for combos (this is intentional) *If you jump at him and miss your air combo, the boss will hop away, he isn\\\\\\\'t stupid! * you can\\\\\\\'t button mash your spin combos, they have to be timed. * You can still move after getting hit with an attack!! Move out of the wayy!! thats all for now. * IF YOU ARE DIZZY, TAP ANY BUTTON REALLY FAST to recover, and shorten the time, the robot repairs Enjoy! P.S. Download \\\\\\\"Joy2Key\\\\\\\" to play flash games with your controller.

The boss in DaPinkKnight was originally pitched to Behemoth as an extra boss for the CastleCrashers game. Staff between newgrounds and Behemoth were both asked to come up with an interesting boss to help beef up the already robust cast of characters in CC. In the end the corn boss was picked over the ClockWorkknight for various reason. One of them Im sure was the sheer completixty of the boss patterns, and the amount of cooperation that would be needed between players was a little too steep, (players had to position themselves in the right places to make things work) and hadn’t been built upon within Castle crashers itself. So yay for corn bosses and popcorn.

Not wanting to let the animations go to waste. I asked Frostedmuffins of newgrounds if he would like to create a mini game with the character in time for Pico Day.

Since Da Pink knight was supposed to be a Pico Day 2009 release, there were little bits taken out as the deadline approached. For instance, being the huge transformer fan that I am, I wanted the Clockknight to not only have the optimus prime shoulder smokestacks, but to transform like him as well.

In the game, he was supposed to transform and drive across the level at a high speed, giving you only a fraction of a second to react by jumping over with a double jump. We felt by this time, the Boss was complex enough and would keep the player plenty busy, so this was cut out.

Another piece of art that was cut out was the vet. She was supposed to explain to you what the BlackBirdFace animal was, and what was its purpose. In the end though, we thought it was be too distracting to read that much text during the battle. Besides it probably got a few laughs from the player when they realized the animal wasn’t there to help them. Or not :3

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