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Alloy Arena

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A really old game created by PsychoGoldfish and myself. a Survival battle game with fun score multipliers to keep the player coming back. Back when the scoreboard worked, people actually got their names on the scoreboard for certain goals and tricks they topped in the game. Kinda like achievements in xbox, that can be taken away by a better player haha. enjoy

Alloy an old character I created in 95 has missed the spotlight serveral times.
including becoming a GBA game

read more on Alloy and his misfortunes here.

Alloy: the Unsung Action Figure

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Comments (10)

  1. London Ware

    Is there a way to have the theme song to this game? I first played this game in 2004, and the song has been stuck in my head ever since then. Is there a link or a way to get this awesome song from you. Please and thank in advance.

  2. TyCab

    Hello! Mindchamber, I can’t help but wonder if you ever found the theme for this. This is forever one of my favorite games and I freaking love this song. Could I get this track from you as well?

    • mindchamber

      Hey, Ill take a look around on my old disks, Im so bad at saving stuff, but If I find it ill give you a buzz, thanks!

  3. Bobjones

    what is the song name? please

  4. omar ibrahim

    Hi whats the theme song of this game, is there any way you can link it, please?

  5. Cyber Man

    hmm, I was wondering where to find the main theme for this game

  6. Hey I had this glitch that no enmys are appearing afteri defeated some cyberpitz

  7. Zack

    this song never get old omg what a legend.. anyone know this song name ?

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