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Some random animation

Looking back on my Sprite Reel folder I realized there’s still tons of sprites I didn’t add to the final video So I think Ill just post the straggly bits here, so this page isnt so dead :/ This is “Fister” sub boss for the Pixel puncher game, he was a spoof on Knuckles, with some predator influence.

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Optimus Prime: PrimeSteppin’

In anticipation of the new transformers game coming out in a few days, I made this silly lil’ stopmotion test.
The new Optimus figure is insanely pose-able.

props to OnlyBoots for the crazy Optimus Dubstep song.

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“I Want Waffles”

old skit I animated to, in a couple of days.
My brother was messing around with the Xbox voice modifier and came up with this.This was back in the days where the first Xbox online games had to the ability to change your voice and supposedly hide who you were. I believe the game he used was “Tetris Online.” So my bro did this lil skit while recording to tape. Ive had the skit on file for years and finally took a few days to animate it. Its a silly little skit but I still found it funny

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