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Goth Kids

In honor of Pico Day this saturday, heres some more sprites from the now defunct Pico2.. These “GothKids” were to be Pico’s true antagonists. They did all sorts of black magic as most goth kids tend to do. One of them was able to resurrect the Punk from Pico 1.

disregard the music, was testing the sound track input in swivel.

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Wheelman:Rolling Darkness

LMAO, anyone remember this? This is the extended cut of the Wheelman trailer I uploaded to newgrounds years ago. I submitted to atom films for a show contest. in 2000 That was like , wow , 13 years ago
The music ,voices,and animation are all done by me, haha which is why its so hilariously terrible. Anyways, I came across it, had a good laugh and realized this extended cut isnt online anywhere, so here ya go

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Injustice: Gods Among Us Preview (Demo)

Here’s another of one of my famous “Im too broke to buy the game so heres a preview of the demo instead” articles.
Its about the new Superhero Fighter ‘Injustice”  Click the image for the article.


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Another quick stopmotion animation. This is still more of a test as I try and work out what I can use to make homemade rigs and such, but Im gettin there. Disregard all the janky animation, this was done in about a day.
Special thanks to for everything

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Grannie Mammies

yah its dumb, too bad

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