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Comments (15)

  1. Alex

    Hey, remember me? When I’ve beaten the high score on the Recoil game on the previous version of your site, and commented “Alloy Treatment”?

    I like the way you redesigned ALLOY’s metal suit, it looks freaking awesome!

  2. Alex

    glad you recognized me. I wonder if there’s gonna be any boss battles in the new Alloy Arena, maybe one with that rockin’ red robot, Recoil!

  3. Those hoodlum rats look awesome.

    Although I can’t help but wonder if characters like these are greenlighted without being viewed as racially suggestive.

    I mean…didn’t they have a cartoon about ‘white’ mice and ‘black’ cockroaches? That lasted for a few seasons.

  4. Alex

    idea for cutscene

    ALLOY does a combo attack that destroys a Cyber-Pitz, and sees an ice blast flying towards him, dodges it, and sees Recoil walking in with the smoking Ice Blaster.

    “Ha-ha! Take that, metal mutt!”

    *sees ice blast*


    *dodges ice blast*

    “Impressive, as usual, ALLOY”

    *Recoil walks into view with a smoking Ice Blaster*


  5. Alex

    glad you liked it.

    Think there should be a cheat code where you could play as Recoil?

    • mindchamber

      that would be an awesome idea,

      would probably have to be up to the programmer to do the extra work :-p

  6. Alex

    no doubt! 😉

    say, if there’s gonna be more than three bosses in this new version of ALLOY Arena, think Radius Dark should be one of them, with Radius Major and Radius Minor being mid-bosses?

  7. Derpus.

    once again, great designs man! i was about 13 when i first went to newgrounds, and soon my favourite films and games were alloy, your style and illustrations inspired me to draw more. and also your heroes of cybertron vid, introduced me to G1 transformers, and i never returned to Armada and those other series. I have an enormous love for Alloy, it really feels like i could be a great franchise. really looking forward to a new alloy: arena game,i know it will be awesome.
    also, just a tip, you should make a Mindchamber Promo video, showing some story details. the story is really interesting. also, thoughts on the robocop remake?
    peace bro, and all the luck in the world.

    • mindchamber

      thanks for the love man!

      Im definitely gonna try my hardest to make Alloy stick this time, and Mindchamber too for that matter, funny you mention an MC promo, cause thats what I hope to release at the end of this year!

      thanks again

  8. Nuclear

    You’re a huge inspiration to me dude. I just want to say, this new alloy game sounds pheonominal! I look forward to playing it soon.

    • mindchamber

      thanks man

      and sorry for the late reply. still figuring out my way around wordpress.
      hopefully the second area will be just as fun!

      take care

  9. Alex

    Even though it sucked that Alloy didn’t get the reboot that I think so richly deserves, I think Recoil’s redesign looks pretty cool!

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