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While I have not lived in New York for sometime, I still try and bring a vibe of the Bronx into every piece of media I create. My designs are often strong and rough, and have a piece of that graffiti culture that has been instilled in me from my early ages. I have a strong love and respect for Ralph Bakshi and all his creations.
Besides animation for games, I have also done animated parodies, skits , stopmotion, video and other short story type media. Ultimately my goal is to have a completed film based on my characters within the next 4 years.


character animation, 3d game modeling, 3d animation, video editing. character design, storyboarding, scripts writing, skits, and my extensive knowledge of Transformers

I have provided art and animation for music, television, online multimedia, and computer entertainment

My Sprite Reel

WhiteBoard Rough Animation

Please explore the content within the site for examples of my work, or click the LinkedIn icon above  for more info. Feel free to contact me  with any questions, or for additional information regarding my services.

Please note at this Time 08/01/2013  I am not taking any more freelance work, or commissions. 


Jose Ortiz  (aka) MindChamber ™

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