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ed-209_Game Model

This was a low poly ed 209 model I created for a robocop fan game a long time ago. 2005 I think? Possibly earlier.. The game originally was supposed to be a 3rd person shooter, and was heavily inspired by the game ‘GunGrave’. Gungrave had a gritty celshaded look that was pretty rare for those days. We decided to take the look even further by adding a bold outline around the model that gave it a comicbook inspired feel. Since the game engine didnt support cel shading, we created the look by cloning the model, and layering a bigger version of that clone over the orginal. We then made the clone completely black, then flipped the texture on the clone, so that the clone was only visible from the inside. This created a black outline illusion. This was way before the days of celshaded filters in game engines, and before Borderlands made the look so popular today. (the viewer wouldn’t allow me to do this, so check out the render’s below.


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