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So since Botz Attack was basically a game like Smash Tv, we thought it would be neat if you could unlock a trophy case of achievements for certain goals met. The model conversion some how messed up the words on the trophies but each one went as follows.
“Pineapple party” was awarded when you killed a certain amount of enemies with on grenade..
“Cement shoes” was awarded if you finished a wave ( or 10 waves) without ever using the kill/flip maneuver. (it was a dodge that caused damage)
For the Life of me I cant remember what “King David” was awarded for. I’ll have to ask Nightviper.
“TankBuster” was awarded when you killed the Tank boss a sixth time. (every time you replayed a level and got back up to the boss, the boss would be there +1. beat the level six times and you were attacked by six tankbosses. It was pretty nuts and I was only able to do it a hand-full of times. We had a contest on newgrounds, and the first person to do it won a free game. 4 people had done it in less than a week ! Both NightViper and I were pretty proud of this idea. At the time there weren’t achievements or trophies, for console games yet.

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