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What I felt could’ve made the New Ghostbusters better

01GHOSTBUSTERS1-COMBO-master768                         First Off I want to say I thoroughly enjoyed the new GhostBusters. It was funny,quick and had some really decent scares. While a few jokes fell flat, the chemistry of the cast more than made up for it. Also the jokes were pretty rapid fire, so your cheeks were still in the proper position to take in the next chuckle long after the funk of that previous dud wore off. All in all the movie was a great time at the cinema, and will be thoroughly enjoyed as the summer popcorn film it was intended to be. Which is why I ache when I think about what they could’ve done to make it perfect. It was just so ‘there’, and yet…. So many remakes, and really most action movies as of late have been so incredibly hollow. You watch, enjoy, and move on.. Rarely are there moments where you say.. Wow I loved how they worked this element in, and the creativity behind it. The best example of a really creative reboot was easily Stark Trek. Which I say isnt nearly aped enough in these remakes. So I unabashedly cite this reference as my starting point for what I think would’ve made a simply fun Ghostbusters movie into something more akin to a memorable film…


For people who haven’t seen the movie. Go watch it first since I’ll be spoiling stuff here.

OK here we go. Mind you, this is less of an actual review and more of a rant on some missed opportunities,


First lets address the futility of adding original cast cameos to a movie that is a re-imagining… Its often does the opposite of paying homage, and just creates a sad, bitterwseet feeling that goes against the grain of the movies intentional vibe.. Be creative and make the cameos mean something. Why not make them part of the story?

Keeping the movie  as it is, with all the same beats and introductions to the characters. 
Move up the Dan Aykroyd  taxi cameo.. Possibly to the point where they needed a ride to the heavy metal concert.
(delay the introduction of the hearse)
Have Aykroyd make his off handed remark about not worrying about lower class specters, and maybe have the new cast look at each other.. (even as a cameo how would he know that?)
Keep Bill Murray’s cameo as the Ghost debunk-er the same. But instead of killing him off, end with a wonderfully awkward moment where he thanks the ladies for their time,and walks casually away covered in slime….(squishy shoe sound for comedic effect :-p )  But as he exits he takes his phone and  whispers ‘this might be it boys’.. Erin runs to the window to see hes getting picked up by the same Aykroyd cabbie.
Have  a Scene where Patty  is collecting food for Abby, and shes confronted by her Uncle.. (this is after they stopped North the criminal.) But we dont see her Uncle, you know by the voice who it is. Shes going back and forth in his kitchen collecting  food and complains about the house arrest everyone is under. Her uncle tells her there is something  she needs to see, for her to meet him at a cemetery.  “and bring your friends” . She tells her she cant help with the shop, and he explains, its much more important… Instead of  Abby getting possessed… Make that scary scene for the big dumb Kevin.. (could be funny to see a scene where a kevin is oblivious to a ghost trying to haunt him) Erin at this point has reading Norths notes and has run off to harass the mayor.

Meanwhile Abby, Patty and Holtzman go to the cemetery, and find. Winston, Venkman, and Stantz.  They are talking near a tombstone that reads Spengler..
Winston reveals they had followed a someone into a dimensional vortex… Leading them to an alternate universe where this laws of  physics simply rendered their equipment inoperable.. Spengler spent a large portion of his remaining life tuning their equipment to go back, but became ill before finally cracking the code.. Stantz was trying to finish his work but just couldn’t do it without Egon’s help..  Essentially sticking them in this alternate world for the remainder of their lives.. They all took on jobs and simply waited for this criminal who stole their tech to surface. And hoped that Spengler’s last theory and hope was that the introduction of this criminal to this new universe would in turn change its course and cause it to create new ghostbusters.. Their hope was with the criminal revealed they could once again attempt to capture him and force him to bring them all back… They had all but lost hope until they had came across Abby and Erins book.. Positioning themselves closer to the creators..With Venkmans fake Hiess character created to get closer to you guys, and Winston playing the role of a long lost brother from a war,.. It was all very elaborate but they had nothing but time originally, and now that time is running out.  Speaking of Erin Stantz asks where she is, and we then cut to her scene with the mayor..
(this whole scene does a couple of things for me.. for one its a great analogy for the struggle Both Aykroyd and Ramis had trying to get their 3rd GB movie out of limbo… It also adds a nice heavy tone to a comedy which is something that hasnt been done in a very long time,much less a GB movie. Just makes the choices the characters make feel more meaningful, and the humor have a bit more punch)

They all return to the  shop, and encounter the Possessed Kevin. after everyone gets knocked on their asses the new crew gear up to stop him. From here we get a nice montage of Holtzman reverse engineering the original crews tech.. They agree that since they couldn’t close the portal with just the 4 of them, then maybe seven will do the trick.

Then we get a nice set action sequences with the 7 of them doing their thing. Compliments from the original crew on the new crews tech etc.

Then we come to the final scene.. The portal is open, and they need enough energy to reverse the flow. But instead of exploding the car,  Stantz explains how crossing the streams worked before. So thats what they do.. At first it seems like its working.. but then it begins to stabilize again. Abby exclaims its just not enough power, and they getting pushed back from the force.. Then out of nowhere an 8th proton stream is introduced.. the portal is beginning to reverse… Everyone looks over and there’s a proton pack firing floating in the air.. and slowly Egon begins to materialize as a specter.. He winks and smiles, and everyone refocuses their attention on the portal with new determination….. The portal reverses.. Its slowly closes.. Egon gives a salute and thanks everyone.
Venkman thanks the ladies.. Erin says dont worry this dimension is in good hands Venkman states.. ” I never had any doubt” Winston, tells Patty to take care of the business, and gives her a big hug. They all leave through the portal.

now THIS wouldve made it the perfect GB movie, for me anyways..

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