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Good Robot stories are hard to find


Review of ‘Robots; The Recent A.I.’

Being a fan of discovering new authors to follow I’m naturally drawn to short stories and whenever i can get my hands on a collection of shorts from various authors, I’m even happier. It’s a hit and miss game, but the odds are that I’ll find at least one or two intriguing writers that leave me looking up more of their work. My expectations were blown out of the water when I grabbed a copy of ‘Robots; the Recent A.I.’ at a local comic-con.

Edited by Rich Horton and Sean Wallace, the variety of A.I. inspired stories were clearly chosen for unique spin and expert writing. (I’ll ditch a story two sentences in if I don’t like the writer’s style and almost every story in this collection had me interested and hungry for more.) And by ‘unique spin’ I’m addressing the household A.I. units that chose whether to carry on with the daily routines when the humans didn’t return in ‘Houses’, by Mark Pantoja, to ‘Kiss Me Twice’ by Mary Robinette Kowal, about an A.I. program that chose to visually personify Mae West (in black and white, no less) to suit a particular detective’s preferences.

So here’s the wrap; if you like a good story, A.I or not, and you’re looking for some talented authors to follow, grab a copy of this collection. You’re guaranteed to come out the other side with a list of names and a pampered imagination.

Grab yourself a copy here

~review by Ella Qyint

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